• Residents
  • Visitors


  • 0,30€ / 30 min
  • 0,45€ / 30 min


  • 0,10€ / min
  • 0,20€ / min

The use of a bike for a single trip costs the above table per minute with an initial unlocking fee of 0,813€.

Alternatively, with the MOBISMART® monthly ticket for 30 30 days you can use all mobismarts of the public MOBISMART® fleet unlimited.  You also have the possibility to book a day ticket which allows you to use our vehicles for the whole day. Accessible through promotional coupons for customers.
Before you can start, you have to enter a payment method in the app and load money into your wallet. You can pay via Paypal, direct debit or credit card.

VAT is added to the legal rate.